Alamagoto Father Sells Home-Made Samosas to Support his Family



25 August 2020, Apia Samoa. Niu Auga, 58, of Alamagoto and Lufilufi has a successful micro business that helps to support his family.

Mr Auga religiously delivers 40 home-made curried samosas to the Tagiaia Wong Soon shop in Alamagoto, five days a week.

He says he and his wife Faafetai wake up at around 3am every morning and after their prayers, they start to make their curried samosas.

“Every morning except Saturday and Sunday, I wake up to help my wife;

“And I make sure that the samosas are delivered just after 6am every morning….I aim to deliver my fresh batch of samosas to the store by the time the shop opens in the morning,” he said.

Niu Auga infront of the Wong Soon shop at 6.15am in the morning.

Mr Auga makes $32 tala from an order of 40, or .80 sene per samosa. His friend who owns the local village store then sells them for $1 tala each.

The father of four says the income from their small business venture has helped to put their children through school over the years.

“My youngest is in Year 12 at Pesega and the eldest is around 30,” he shares with Samoa Global News.

“They have all grown up and yes, we also have grandchildren,” he says with a smile.

Niu added that their small business is the only source of income for he and his wife at this time.

To support Mr Niu Auga’s small business, pop in to the Wong Soon shop in Alamagoto and purchase one of his samosas for lunch today.

Sina Retzlaff