AG Lemalu makes Respectful Call for Peace this Christmas


Attorney General Lemalu Hermann Retzlaff has called for peace with regards to all those affected by crime in Samoa as we approach Christmas.

The message, first printed by the Samoa Observer on December 21st, is printed in verbatim.

This is an extremely difficult season and situation and our hearts go out to the family of the young man who has passed away, And all families who have lost Loved Ones to criminal activity this year. 
We ask for a peace and calm at this time while we work through the difficult procedures and legal steps required for this matter. The investigation is ongoing after the first three arrests, and the process is underway and needs to take its course. 
We respectfully urge therefore for a calm while we attempt to undertake this difficult task the best we can, and ask for a peaceful approach as any further unfortunate incidents can only make matters worse. 
We at Law Enforcement have a sworn duty to uphold the Rule of law and the Constitution of our Country. Rest Assured, we remain committed to this Oath. 
God’s Peace this Xmas