Four Seasonal Workers Killed in Tragic Car Accident in Victoria


Tues 14 November 2023. Source: 9News Melbourne. Four men killed in a fiery crash in regional Victoria on Sunday morning were yesterday identified as seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands.

David Gasologa, Alesana Anitelea, Aperaamo Tapelu and Darrick Amouta Peleti were all killed when their Kia Carnival ploughed into a tree and burst into flames near Mansfield, 220km north-east of Melbourne.

Their family and friends have paid tribute to them from across the globe.

Alesana Anitelea had only been in Australia for four months, while Samoan national David Gasologa had recently become engaged.

“We love you and we will always remember you in our hearts,” Anitelea’s sister-in-law told 9News Australia in a statement.

“Rest in love dearest bro, Alesana.”

Gasologa’s sister said he was the centre of his family’s world.

Social media is flooded with tributes flowing in online for Alesana Anetelea who was killed in a crash south of Mansfield.(Facebook)

“He breaks a circle of nine siblings,” she said.

“He was quite humble and he was everyone’s favourite.

“He’s dearly missed.”

Gasologa’s partner Vaelei Von Dincklage said he was “definitely one of a kind” who bought her lunch everyday through the Online

Samoa market.

David Gasologa pictured with his partner Vaelei Von Dincklage.(Facebook)

“No matter how hard or tough his day had been at the farm he’s working at, he never failed to check up on me and how I am here at home,” Ms Von Dincklage said.

“He was saving up for our church wedding when he returns. I feel so guilty because I was one of the reasons he took up the job there, he wanted to have a stable future with me once we settle down.”

Assistant Commissioner Weir said some relatives may have to be brought to Australia as part of the victim identification process.

Police are collecting DNA from relatives in the Islands and say some may have to be flown in to identify the victims.

Police say the men were at a friend’s house in Mac’s Cove and were returning home when the driver lost control and hit an embankment.

The car spun back onto the road and hit a tree in a field before bursting into flames, police said.

Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing Glenn Weir said police were investigating if alcohol was a factor in the crash.