Address: Prime Minister at Swearing In Ceremony for Samoan Citizens


A swearing in ceremony was held before Cabinet yesterday for 14 new Samoa citizens including 3 Fijians, 2 Australians, 1 Italian, 1 Tongan, 1 Solomon Islander and a family of 6 from Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister spoke to welcome the new Samoan citizens, most of whom have been living and serving Samoa in various capacities for well over 10 years.


The cohort of sworn-in citizens of Samoa
Families and friends;

Talofa lava,

Today’s ceremony is testament to a new beginning and direction for all of you, who have taken oaths before Cabinet as citizens of Samoa. It is the affirmation of your allegiance and commitment to serve your newly adopted country with loyalty, faithfulness, compassion, love, respect and integrity.

As you know Samoa is a Christian nation which observes the fundamental doctrine of loving your neighbour as you love yourself.

The government and the people of Samoa congratulate you all, and welcome you as citizens of the Independent State of Samoa.

Our citizenship speaks volumes of our identity, inheritance and authority as Samoans. It is our God given right to live freely and harmoniously on these beautiful islands; and to exercise our unique talents, wisdom and knowledge to contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of Samoa.

Today, you have been given that right; the right that must be treated with utmost respect and truthfulness.

I gathered that the majority of you have qualified for citizenship by virtue of their marriage to Samoan citizens, and by virtue of your permanent residency status. Many of you have patiently waited for years to be qualified for citizenship, in accordance with the requirements of our laws. Central to the assessment of your eligibility, is solid evidence of your marriage and family stability over these many years, your good health and character, and your firm understanding of the responsibilities of being citizens of Samoa.

I thank you for the years of your service to Samoa in different sectors of the economy. I encourage you to continue to contribute positively, to our country’s growth and prosperity. Despite the daunting global challenges we are now contemplating due to the COVID 19, we shall continue to press on, and to come in one accord to develop and protect our country.

Pivotal to our response is acceptance of our shared responsibility. We must respond collectively as a country to address these global challenges. We should not dwell on indifference and division.

Unity is our strength, and the foundation of our culture and identity. Our collective responsibility is to ensure that our children and future generations will live comfortably, and are taught to be responsible custodians of our scarce resources.

Government has formulated key strategies and actions to enhance our resilience against disasters, strengthen our national security responses, manage alarming rates NCDs, and to generate new ventures and investments to provide more employment opportunities for our people. More pressing now is the careful management of our borders from COVID 19. All these commitments call for citizens to take ownership and to work collaboratively for Samoa.

The message for you all today is to serve your country and family with humility, honesty and commitment. We should neither lose sight of our national duties as Samoans, nor forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens.

As a Christian nation, we declare our dependence on God, and He will continue to lead this country, according to the richness and abundance of His grace.

God bless you, and God bless Samoa.