Samoa Prime Minister: Briefings and Updates from Cabinet


Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Greetings and talofa lava Samoa. Welcome to another edition of briefings from Cabinet for our country’s information. 

Cabinet has approved recommendation from the selection panel for the appointment of two new C.E.O. positions. The C.E.O. for the Ministry of Customs and Revenue afioga Fonotī Talaitupu Lia – Taefu has been employed at M.C.R. for over 20 years. Fonotī is expected to lead the Ministry and continue reforms relating to proposed changes to effectively deliver the best services for Samoa.

The Public Service Commission Secretary / Chief Executive Officer was also approved as recommended to Cabinet last week. Mr. Kolone Tikerī was once employed at the P.S.C. as well as other Government ministries and corporation. He brings to the P.S.C. a wealth of experiences also in human resource development and capacity strengthening in both national and international organizations.

Cabinet has also approved the construction of the Cross Island Road from Tanugāmanono to Siumu. Following the completion of all the necessary documentation and processes, the Tender’s Board recommends for Cabinet approval the resumption of this major project.

Furthermore, the Cabinet has approved a special arrangement with strict conditions for the importation of 4 wheel drives and light truck vehicles for farmers only.

These vehicles must not be more that 20 years old and is fit for purpose. Government will strictly monitor this condition in observation of all related regulations and laws. The 10 years prohibition order remains.

Our arrangment for visa travels with Isarael has been officially approved by Cabinet this past week. This arrangement was delayed by a few clarifications that were required by both our country and Israel, with regards to immigration laws and provisions. An Isaraeli travelling to Samoa may stay up to 90 days, we are permitted for up to 60 days of visa free in Israel.

Finally, with a number of Pacific Super rugby rugby and international ruby games to be played in Samoa this year, Cabinet has approved renovation work for the Apia Park Stadium. This is crucial for Samoa to play host to the Manu Samoa international test matches as well as hosting the Moana Pasefika super rugby fixtures planned for this year. Sports development is continuing under the coordination of the Minsitry fo Education, Sports and Culture with sporting bodies and the Samoa Assocition of Sports and National Olympics Committee (S.A.S.N.O.C.).

As we head to the celebration of Easter at the end of this week, we continue to recognise the essence of our Christian faith, as ensrhined in our Constitution. We remember the sacrifice that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did on the cross, whom in his death and resurrection redeemed us from all our transgressions. Have a peacful Easter Samoa.

God Bless, soifua.