Aana Alofi 2 By-Election Too Close to Call


The Aana Alofi 2 Constituency is too close to call, with preliminary results placing HRPP’s Aiono Tile Gafa 9 votes ahead of FAST woman candidate, Lolomatauama Eseta Faalata Mataituli.

The Office of the Electoral Commissioner confirms that 58 voters pre-polled on Wednesday 24th November, and these votes are to be counted later, in the presence of candidate representatives.

There were three booths at the Aana Alofi constituency, and two special booths at Gym 2 Tuanaimato. Results show Aiono taking the Matailiili booth by 161 to 99, while Lolomatauama won the Fasitoo-Uta Catholic booth with 102 to Aiono’s 74.

Preliminary Results by Booth.

Lolomatauama also won the Fasitoo-Uta EFKS with 107 to Aiono’s 57. Aiono, however, won secured more votes at the special booths located at Gym 2 with 76 to Lolomatauama’s 51.

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With only 9 votes between the two top candidates, the 58 pre-polling results will determine the winner for Aana Alofi 2.

Total Pre-Polling Votes

Results are coming through on the Office of Electoral Commissioner’s Facebook page. This year, results are being recorded by IT specialists and made available in real time.