Weather Did Not Deter Early Morning Gym Goers


26 February 2019, Apia Samoa. The weather did not deter early morning gym goers across Samoa such as the 6am Jungle Fitness class at Joe’s Gym Lotopa.

The classes are conducted by ZUU qualified affiliate Orion Keil who was trained in New Zealand.

The ZUU approach to exercise bases its exercises on animal movements started in Australia and is now huge in New Zealand, the USA and across Europe.

“Rain or shine” said Orion Keil who conducts classes everyday at Joe’s Gym.

“We have classes at 5.15pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the 6am option on Tuesday and Thursday”, said Keil.

Orion and his wife May have recently moved back to Samoa and have started up their brand “Jungle Fitness” that aims to promote health and well being through exercise and nutrition.

Jungle Fitness 6am class