Puepuemai Titles Bestowed at Vailoa Aleipata


05 February 2019  Apia Samoa. The village of Vailoa Aleipata welcomed three new matai title holders last week.

The chiefly title ‘Pu’epu’emai’ was bestowed during a traditional ceremony. Title holders were in their customary glamour of “laei” that gets given away to the village tapuaiga at the end of the ceremony.

The new holders of the chiefly titles are Pu’epu’emai Tolufale Feagaigafou Tema Alaifaiva, Pu’epu’emai To’oā Salometaioa Alatise Peteli and Pu’epu’emai Asolelei Asafo.

The bestowment was blessed by Reverend Usoalii Usoalii of the Methodist Church who reminded the new title holders of their responsibilities and the reasons why they were chosen by their family to take on this important role.

He added that love and honesty are the key factors of looking after any family. “Alofa and Faamaoni.”

Pu’epu’emai Salometaioa Peteli who works at SIFA told Samoa Global that she is humbled to be chosen by family to take up this important chiefly title and stands ready to serve God, family and village.

“Lagona lava le faamaualalo o le loto i luma o le Atua ona o lenei fa’aeaea ua tofia ai a’u nei e si o’u aiga – o le fanau a Va – ina ia tauaveina lenei suafa taua.”

The event ended with traditional formalities.

Family bestowing titles at Vailoa Aleipata.