No Fatalities, Four in Critical Condition from Malifa Laumosooi Bus Crash

Sandals belonging to passengers piled up near the wreckage. 📸 SGN.

Four passengers from the Malifa Laumosooi bus crash remain in critical condition at the Motootua Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner, Tanuvasa Petone Mauga and Deputy Police Commissioner, Papalii Monalisa Tiai-Keti have both confirmed that there are no fatalities.

However, one of the four passengers in ICU is being monitored closely by medical staff for critical injuries.

“27 passengers have been treated and released,” said Deputy Commiossioner Papalii, “and four remain at ICU.”

A passenger who boarded the Laumosooi bus from Matautu, Falealili told Samoa Global News that the bus driver began to lose control when the bus reached the Princessa Shop at Papauta.

“The driver started honking the horn, as we were coming down the road from Papauta,” said the elderly man in his 50s.

“Instead of turning left at Leufisa, the bus continued down the road at Tanugamanono.. the driver kept honking.. he had clearly lost control of the bus.”

According to the witness, he ended up standing as the bus filled up, and there were more than 30 passengers on board.

The bus eventually crashed into an oncoming Hyundai Tuscon, and overturned onto its side, splitting in two into a pile of wreckage on the side of the road infront of Phat Burger.

What’s left of Hyundai Tucson involved in Laumosooi bus crash

Just meters from the crash site is the Leifiifi College road crossing. At just before 8am, this very part of the road would have been swarming with students, had it not been school holidays.

Security camera footage from Transam, being widely shared on social media, shows the impact of the crash and members of the public running in to help.

“After the crash, the bus driver told me the breaks had failed,” he said.

“Many passengers had bloodied faces,” said the elderly man who himself was bleeding from the side of his head.

Front view of Laumosooi bus #MO.123

The Laumosooi bus company has had a history of tragic accidents over the years, including the fatal Tiavi crash where the unlicensed bus driver was sentenced to four years for manslaughter.

The particular bus involved in this crash has had its share of issues including a morning when it stopped along the Tiavi hills, and passengers had to jump out and catch rides into town.

A member of the public had also posted a month to this day, 2nd September 2023, alleging reckless driving by a Laumosooi bus with the same registration number.

Malavai Ah See claimed that her vehicle escaped a near collision with the same Laumosooi bus involved in this morning’s tragic accident.

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