NBS takes Mobile Banking to the Next Level

"These innovative mobile banking vans will serve communities across Samoa with a focus on our people in remote villages"

O le Komiti Faatonu ma le Pulega a le NBS i le faapaiaina o taavale o le a faatino ai le auaunaga feaveai.

Apia, Samoa – The National Bank of Samoa (NBS) is proud to announce the acquisition of two new vans, uniquely fitted to serve as Mobile Bank branches.

These innovative mobile banking vans will serve communities across our beloved Samoa, particularly focusing on our two main islands.

In a blend of green initiatives and tradition, the vans are equipped with digital technology, enabling them to offer many of the same services as our traditional NBS branches.

ACC CEO Muliagatele Makerita Matafeo with NBS Head of Retail Banking Antonia Schwalger-Potoi

This is a leap forward in banking for Samoa, bringing convenience and financial services closer to our people, especialy those in remote vilages.

The NBS Board and management team are committed to our goal of reaching as many communities (nưu ma afioaga) as possible.

National Bank of Samoa Baord Members and Pastor Vui Sebastian Mariner at the launch of mobile vans.

This initiative is a testament of our ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt to the unique needs of our people.

We understand that not everyone can travel to a bank branch; hence, we are bringing the bank ot you.

The introduction of the Mobile Banking vans is a direct response to the recognized need for easier access to banking services within our communities, ensuring that everyone has access to essential financial services – it’s all about financial inclusion for our valued customers.

National Bank of Samoa team at the launch of new mobile vans, Fri 05 Jan 2024.

The launch of the new Mobile Banking vans is a key part of NBSs’ drive to provide the latest in digital banking services. With no other bank offering such a service in Samoa, NBS is confident in the success and positive impact of this initiative.

For more information on this exciting new service and to find out when the Mobile Banking vans wil be in your area, please contact us on telephone number 26766.

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About National Bank of Samoa

National Bank of Samoa is a licenced Bank in Samoa that operates to provide Samoans with greater access to banking services via new media such as mobile phones, internet banking and ATMs’.

It has goals to facilitate a positive change in Samoan’s attitude and approach to saving and investment, and to improve financial inclusion for all Samoans.