Letter To The Editor: The Wisdom of Old

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

Letter to the Editor

Never ever try to bend a stick when it is too raw. It will break, “AUA NEI GAGAU MATA LE LAAU”. 

In conflict resolution, talk your problems out. 

For no village can remain in total darkness forever. Eventually, the sun will light up. “E sau ao o Nu’u, e lē po pea fo’i se Nu’u”.

This Talanoa process was eventually copied by the World in its efforts to tackle Climate Change to save the World from this worst disaster faced by mankind today. 

We will learn much from the wisdom of our forefathers, and all of us never stop learning until the day we kick the bucket.

The Speakers sole role is to chair the meeting of Parliament, FULL STOP. If the Speaker wants to participate in the debate, leave the chair and become an ordinary MP. 

A Speaker must remember at all times the need for the Chair to remain unbiased.  

And it is unbecoming of a Speaker to issue press releases or even openly reprimand the Social Media on their comments whilst Parliament is sitting. 

There is press freedom in Samoa. 

If a Speaker finds the seat too hot, there is always a cooler spot elsewhere, Take it.

The Rule of Law meanwhile requires all lawmakers to be the first to observe the Constitution.

Especially, the Executive and Parliament! 

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of Samoa. And any law that contravenes the provisions of the Constitution is illegal.

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi

Leader of HRPP