Fatal Car Accident at Tapatapao Claims Life of Driver


The driver of a vehicle that overturned along a hilly road at Tapatapao had died as a result of his injuries.

Commissioner of Fire and Emergency Services Authority, Tanuvasa Petone Mauga confirmed that FESA responded to the accident last night.

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“The ambulance crew provided the on-site treatment all the way to the hospital but they couldn’t resuscitate the driver,” said Tanuvasa.

“It is very sad and we convey our condolences to the family,” added the Commissioner.

According to a source who lives nearby, the vehicle was still on the road this morning when they came to go to work.

“A police officer investigating the accident came by to ask us about it this morning,” said Miracle Seiuli Puniala.

Photos: Miracle Mikko Seiuli Puniala, WT Media.

According to the neighbors, the stretch of road is straight along this area, however, it is vert hilly.

“The car looks like it hit those rocks on the side of the road and then overturned,” said Puniala.

“There’s a steep hill here and it looks like the driver lost control coming back down the hill.”

Puniala said they looked through the vehicle and saw a Bible still lying in the rubble.

“We took a photo of what we saw to make sure the family could recover the Bible we saw in the car..”

Puniala said a Bible, pens and highlighters were in the bag which they left in the vehicle.

“A few police cars were arriving when we left for work..”

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