Family Home Destroyed by Fire on Sunday Morning


A mother and her children lost everything when their home in Matautu was destroyed by fire on Sunday morning.

The Fire and Emergency Department (FESA) were called at 10:06am on Sunday morning, and arrived at the scene at 10:08am, said Fire Commissioner Tanuvasa Petone Mauga.

The mother said she had gone to church with her younger children, while her older daughter and her husband stayed home. Her daughter and husband had left to run an errand, when they received a call from neighbours that their home was ablaze.

The mother says she is saddened by the tragedy, but she and her children are also grateful to God that noone was injured in the blaze. She made special mention of the Stake President of the Church of Latter Day Saints, Lautofa Unasa, who offered immediate help and support to their family.

Samoa’s Fire Commissioner said the neighbours had called 911, however, by that time, the house was already engulfed by flames.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the home owners,” said Tanuvasa. “Our team did everything they could, but the call had come too late to save this family home.”

Investigations continue into the cause of the fire, however, the Commissioner says such cases are difficult to confirm as there was no one at the house to pinpoint where the fire originated – whether from the kitchen, bedrooms or sitting room area.