All four police officers reinstated after Investigation cleared allegations against them

Investigations failed to prove the officers had any connections to drug activity or drug usage


Translated from FaaSamoa. All four members of Samoa’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) who had been suspended pending allegations into drug involvement have been re-instated.

Police Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo said the officers did have familial connections (e iai o latou sootaga) to some suspects who had been arrested from recent police drug raids, however, that was their only fault.

The four officers, three males and one female, have been re-assigned from the CID to other divisions of the service.

The Commissioner said investigations failed to prove that the officers had any connections to drug activity or drug use.

The four police officers had maintained their innocence during the internal investigation by the Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) and had also engaged legal Counsel to represent them.

A source close to the officers said Samoa is so very inter-connected, and there was no basis for the suspensions which followed when another officer filed a report.

“Everybody is related to everybody, and if “connections” to suspects arrested is a basis for suspension, then the whole police force would have to be suspended everytime there’s a raid, because familial ties are always going to be there.”

The officers were suspended two days after a Police Drug Raid of a residence in Malifa resulted in 18 suspects detained, and eventually 16 arrests.