BSP Samoa Scholarship Awards Gives High Performing Students Chance to Stay in School


18 February 2022, Apia Samoa.  Each year, Bank South Pacific Samoa’s School Scholarship programme blesses students from across Samoa through a vital community program that offers high performing students the helping hand they deserve, to stay in school and continue their education.

BSP were able award 74 scholarships to students, whose families struggle to make ends meet.

Samoa’s Country Manager, Taitu’uga Maryann Lameko-Vaai said this year, a record 270 applications were received for the annual awards.

“For over 10 years, BSP has paved the way in providing assistance to families who are struggling to send their kids to school due to financial hardship,” said Taitu’uga.

“We are extremely proud to see past and present recipients progressing well in their educational journeys, with some now moving on to higher education at the university level. Whilst it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t provide assistance to all the 270 applicants, we hope that we will be able to assist more families in the future” added Taitu’uga.

A panel selected from the BSP Management based their assessment of applications on merit as outlined in student report cards. The panel also heard testimonies of families facing financial challenges, and those who would find it difficult to keep their children in school, especially during these uncertain times of the COVID pandemic.

72 students received scholarships awards

The annual School Scholarship awards by Bank South Pacific commenced in 2012, and the bank have been extremely pleased with the excellent achievements of past awardees, some of whom have moved on to university studies.

“There are so many success stories that come through this program,” said the BSP Samoa Country Manager. “We’ve had students who have been awarded dux of schools in their final year, and have gone on to become high achievers in their own right.”

Taitu’uga said BSP is particularly proud of this initiative as it reaffirms its commitment to the Samoan community and its future generations.

“This complements our Government programmes, to ensure our children are going to school, and also promotes literacy and the development of educational opportunities for our children..

“Congratulations on your achievements and I pray God’s blessings will continue over all the children of Samoa,” Taitu’uga concluded.

BSP plans to continue with this program as part of its commitment to the Community.