48 Newly Recruited Police Constables Successfully Sworn In


A total of forty-eight SPPCS (Police Constables) newly recruited officers have successfully  completed their swearing-in ceremony and are ready to embark on their law enforcement duties. 

PC: Samoa Police, Prison and Correction Services

In the Samoa District Court on the 12th of December 2023, 48 newly recruited police officers were  sworn in as members of the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services. 

In front of the Honorable Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga, 31 females and 17 males recited their oaths as  they prepared to start their police careers in the Samoa Police, Prisons & Corrections Services. 

In her remarks, Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga stressed to the newly recruited police officers not to do  their jobs out of fear, inequality, unfairness and biasness, but rather to do their jobs to ensure the  safety of Samoa as a whole. 

“Aua le faia lau galuega ma le fefe, aua foi le fai lau gaulega e faapito,” said Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga. 

According to Sa’aga, police duties are essential for the safety and maintenance of peace in Samoa.  The role of a police officer is highly respected by the Samoan people, and by becoming a law  enforcement officer, one is expected to uphold and protect the law. Moreover, Sa’aga emphasized  the high regard with which the Samoan people hold police officers, stating that even their words and  actions can contribute to saving lives. 

“Ia e silafia o taimi uma lava e te savali ai i le taulaga, a’o fai lau togiga leoleo, ia e silafia le  fa’atuatuaga o tagata ua tu’uina atu, o le mea e te latu ai e iai le malamala ma le saogalemu” Judge  Talasa Atoa Saaga said.  

Judge Talasa Atoa Saaga delivered a speech to the forty-eight recruiting officers, highlighting the  significance of their role and the challenges they will face. Sa’aga emphasized to the officers that  being a police officer is not a simple task, as it encompasses numerous difficulties and obstacles.  However, with the guidance of the Lord, the officers can overcome these seemingly insurmountable  

challenges and achieve what may initially seem impossible. 

Sa’aga’s message to the officers ended on a positive note, urging them to rely on the Lord’s wisdom  as they embark on their law enforcement journey.  

“Ia fesoasoani mai Le Atua ia te au.” 

Her message served as a reminder of the importance of faith and trust in one’s abilities, as they  navigate through the complexities of their roles. 

The graduation for the new recruits will be conducted on Thursday 14th of December, 2023 at the  EFKS- Tupulaga Hall at Sogi, the pogram will commence