3 Week Old Baby Fighting Measles at Poutasi District Hospital


Camilla Elizabeth Laumatia is a 3-week old baby girl fighting the measles epidemic at the Poutasi District Hospital and her 24-year old mom remains steadfast in prayer for her daughter’s recovery.

Filiorosa Lamatia and her baby girl were admitted on Saturday 30th November, confirmed with the measles. Across the room an 8-month old baby girl and her mom share their fight.

Filiorosa says she feels her daughter is recovering well, compared to when they had come in on Saturday.

Filiorosa and baby Camilla Elizabeth were admitted on Saturday

“Camilla had swollen eyes, was agitated and not feeding well when we came in.”

“Sa fufula ona mata, le ai lelei ma tagi lava i taimi uma.”

“I thank God for his love and remain faithful in prayer for baby’s recovery.”

“Ou te faafetai lava i le alofa o Le Alii, ma o le faamoemoe lava i Le Alii ma tatalo ia vave ona malosi pepe”.

Camilla was fast asleep when we visited yesterday afternoon and her mom says it has been a tough few days for them, but she is now able to see a change for the better.”

Asked how she was holding up, she smiles resiliently and says she is well but adds that she has been grateful for some Vitamic C capsules she had been able to take, to build up her own strength.

“The Manager of Saletoga Resort came to visit their staff member who was here, and they gave me some Vitamin C to take. They said it would keep my breast milk healthy for baby.”

“It gave me strength but I have also seen the change in baby.”

“Ua tele lava la suiga o si au tama.”

Sina Retzlaff