182 New Cases with Higher Increases for Babies and Older Population


Monday 28 March 2022, Apia Samoa.Samoa’s Ministry of Health has confirmed 182 new community cases were detected between Saturday and Sunday, taking the total to 1,239 of which 1,200 are active and 39 recovered as at 2pm Sunday 27 March 2022.

There are no clusters or demographics regarding location, however, it is acknowledged that the spread of Covid-19 is now across all areas of Upolu.

“Approximately 97 percent of community cases are confirmed in Upolu with the remaining 3 percent of total cases in Savaii. There are no community cases recorded for the islands of Manono and Apolima Tai,” the Ministry confirms.

Tables showing the 182 new cases – increase from previous day by age group. Complied: SGN.

There are 16 new cases of babies below 4 years old. Positive cases by age group shows a 9% increase from 39 to 55 for this vulnerable age group. The Ministry has advised moms to continue to breastfeed their babies and there have so far been no serious reports of children under 4 years.

Although the majority of cases remains between ages 15 to 34, it is noted the percentage for that bracket has dropped from 57% to below 48% while the 35-50 age groups picks up with higher increases by percentage.

There was an 8% increase in the age group 35-39 and 9% increases for age groups between 40-44 and 45- 49 indicating a shift towards the older population.

By gender, the Ministry states that women make up 58% while men the remaining 42% of confirmed community cases.

In terms of positivity rates, the Ministry data confirms 16,380 RATs have been administered since the first case was detected. This indicates the positivity rate has increased to 7.5% from 6% recorded yesterday.

Table provided by MOH. Numbers as at Sunday 27 March 2022.
Total by number as at 2pm Sunday 27 March 2022.


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