SENESE faces critical situation with its current location


Apia, Samoa – SENESE Inclusive Education Support Services Inc, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving children with disabilities for over 30 years, is facing a critical situation with its current location.

The NGO has a growing roster of more than 300 children with disabilities from Upolu and Savaii relying on SENESE for vital services such as speech therapy, provision of educational resources, Audiology services (Sign Language and hearing aid devices), teacher aide support, and follow-up sessions.

SENESE has been forced to relocate six times since 2010, however, the NGO finds itself in urgent need of relocation once again.

Currently situated in a private property at Vaitele for the past four years at no cost, the Organisation has encountered significant challenges due to its expanding operations and the safety concerns of its current location, situated dangerously close to the roadside.

“As our outreach expands, more children with disabilities and their families as well as those with hearing impairment (adults included) seek our assistance, we find ourselves constrained by the limitations of our current premises,” explains SENESE’s Manager, Mr Sagato Vaoliko. “Ensuring the safety and well-being of not only the children under our care but adults also who come in for hearing tests and hearing aid fitting is paramount, it is clear that we have outgrown our current space and therefore need a bigger one.”

In light of these pressing circumstances, SENESE Inclusive Education is issuing a heartfelt plea to the community for assistance in securing a suitable property that can accommodate its needs for the next 2 ½ years, as the Organisation awaits the construction of its long-awaited Centre.

“We urgently need the community’s support to ensure that we can continue our vital work without interruption,” says Mr Vaoliko. “Every child deserves access to quality education and support, and with the community’s help, we can ensure that no child is left behind. Even our Elderly people who come in for hearing test, hearing aid fitting or maintenance need to be given the best and more comfortable service. eHearSENESE is prepared to offer its services in return for the use of the property, committing to clean and upgrade the premises at no cost to the owner.”

Individuals or Organisations interested in supporting SENESE Inclusive Education’s relocation efforts are encouraged to contact the Organisation at +685 7760300 or via email at