1,493 Community Cases Detected – 1,330 are Active and 163 have Recovered


The public is hereby advised that 129 new confirmed community cases have been recorded as at 2pm Tuesday, 29th March 2022.

The number of community cases recorded since the 17th of March 2022 currently stands at 1,493 of which 1,330 are active community cases. This indicates that 163 cases have recovered.

With 1,451 community cases, Upolu accounts for 97% of the total while Savaii has 42 by number as of latest MOH data.

There are no community cases recorded for the islands of Manono and Apolima.

The ratio of females to males remains unchanged at 14:11 or slightly more females.

Data showing the prevalence of Covid-19 infections significantly higher among those aged from 15 to 35, also remains unchanged. The rate of infection is growing to include the age group 36-55

The Ministry of Health confirmed 18,010 RATs have been administered to date since the first case was detected. In comparison to the total positive cases, that’s a rate of over 10%.

With a large shipment of Pfizer arriving into the country on Tuesday’s flight, Samoa will be rolling out a mass booster vaccination campaign on Thursday for Upolu and Friday for Savaii.