Adopted from Everyday in His Presence, Charles F. Stanley. Do you feel discouraged and weak – as if God has disappeared and you’re just surviving day by day?

At times our Father allows you to face a season when you feel defeated and overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Whether it be financial, your personal life, challenges in your workplace or disagreements at home – run to God, give it to Him, seek Him and cast it upon Him.

God allows these seasons to draw you closer to Himself.

If you feel like you are going through such a season, embrace it and know that it is a time in which you can mature spiritually and grow your faith in Him.

Seek Him desperately, listen intently to his voice and long for His presence. He will grow near to you as you seek Him.

Look out for things that will hinder you from finding Him. Sometimes we unintentionally run to someone or something else that will further separate us from His presence. Look out for the distractions and ask God to help you remove those from your life.

So if you’ve been distant from Him, know that your loving, gracious, merciful Father in Heaven is waiting for you. Return to Him. Rekindle, rebuild and restore your relationship with Him and be assured that those who seek Him “shall be satisfied”.