$1.48million for Independent Water Scheme Association from EU


Thr EU has announced a grant assistance to the Samoa Independent Water Schemes Association (SIWSA) for safety and management of water resources

The European Union (EU) in partnership with the Government of Samoa through the Civil Society Support Programme II (CSSP II) is providing a funding assistance of EUR490,000 (approximately SAT $1,485,000) to the Samoa Independent Water Schemes Association (SWISA).

SWISA’s mandate is to improve safety, quality and management of water resources and plan and to build a more resilient and sustainable water supply for 34 independent water scheme villages in Samoa.

The Head of Cooperation at the Delegation of the EU for the Pacific, Christoph Wagner said, “Access to clean drinking water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity and a basic human right. Supporting SWISA and the implementation of Water Safety Plans will guarantee water quality in the communities, protecting all, and in particular children, of waterborne hazards”

The independent water schemes are affected by receiving only raw water to the communities with aging infrastructure, while the ability to maintain them inherently relies on locals who generally have limited capacities.

The development and implementation of Water Safety and Management Plans is important for bespoke activities at each of the individual water scheme villages in Samoa.

Clarissa Laulala the Program Manager of SIWSA said, “On behalf of the SIWSA Board & members, I wish to thank the European Union for their continuous support towards communities managing their own water supply network. Meeting the challenge of supplying quality water to national guidelines is cost prohibitive; hence this initiative by the SIWSA supported by the EU. The development and implementation of the Drinking Water Safety & Management plans will enable communities to have a greater awareness of the value of their water resources, with the Village Water Committees playing a critical role in sensitizing the communities to the limited nature of the resource and how best to manage it equitably.”

The EU Support will support the work of SIWSA to provide accessible, affordable, clean, and safe water to communities with independent water schemes.

SIWSA is a not for profit organization with a total membership of 34 Independent Water Schemes.

Established in 2008, the organization has an ongoing commitment to the development of independent water schemes in Samoa. The SIWSA vision is to ensure constant and sustainable access to clean, safe, and affordable water for all. Its mission is to support the development of the independent water schemes in Samoa through partnerships between the Association, Independent Schemes, and government and non-government stakeholders.

Media Contact:

Clarissa Laulala, Program Manager, Samoa Independent Water Schemes Association (SIWSA) clarissal.iwsa@gmail.com

Christina Tauā, Programme Manager, Samoa Civil Society Support Programme, christina.taua@cssp.gov.ws